Red Curtains

You can make a design statement with red curtains in your home. They have a practical side, too. Window coverings can lower your cooling and heating bills, give you privacy and block harmful rays from the sun – even the sheerest draperies will give your furniture some insurance against fading. Window coverings include lots of different types of louvers, shades, blinds, curtains and drapery panels. They come in many styles, colors and fabrics.

Whether your home has a modern design or a more vintage look, curtains can add to the feel of warmth. They can fit nearly any sizes and shapes of windows or doors, and they can be modified in many ways, to suit your personal style and taste. Curtains add to the appeal of a room, and they keep the direct sunlight out of your house during long hot days. They give you privacy as well, both night and day.

If you are doing remodeling in your kitchen, or exploring new colors you might like to use there, make sure that you have your other decorating decisions made before you select drapes. Curtains should complement your room, rather than becoming a focal point. Select the right styles for your room’s design, and be sure that your budget allows for the curtains you are looking at. Curtains can be either very cheap or very expensive, or anywhere in between, depending on brand name, style and fabric.

Some of the materials used in red curtains include chenille, polyester, silk and cotton. Country curtains generally have a bottom piece and a top valance. If you are seeking an elegant style, you might select lace drapes or silk curtains. Sheers can be used with a shade beneath them, for privacy when you want it.

The materials of your curtains should be made to be fade resistant if they will be exposed to direct sunlight. The amount of sunlight each room gets will depend on what direction your house faces, and whether you have trees and shrubbery around your windows.

Curtains should be easily tied up or pulled back in rooms like your kitchen, when you want fresh air or sunlight in, or when you want to watch the kids playing in the yard. They should be cheerful and bright, and should fit in with the other patterns and colors in your kitchen. Take into account the colors in your countertops, kitchen flooring and tablecloths before you buy drapes. When you browse through catalogs for stores or e-stores, make sure you are looking at patterns that are suited for your room.

You can purchase curtain rods that will allow you to hang draperies in places you wouldn’t have expected. Kitchen metal doors are an excellent place to show off your style. You can place drapery panels on a door by hanging them straight or by sweeping them off to the sides and tying them back. You can hang valances on a curtain rod as a full-length curtain or as cafe curtains. These can really brighten up your kitchen. Shopping for red curtains is an enjoyable experience when you decide on the style you want, and they will brighten your room for years to come.

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