Redo the Design of a Room With Lighting

Redecorating space in your home can be a pricey endeavor. If you are starting from scratch with painting, new flooring, new furniture, and new accessories, you could be looking at thousands of dollars worth of investment. However, there are ways you can drastically change the look of a room while spending a lot less money. The lighting in a room is a big part of the overall atmosphere. By changing a chandelier light fixture to a floor lamp, or a chandelier light to pendant lighting, it will change the feel of the space. Sunlight also make a big deal in a room. If you are considering a big change to one of the rooms in your home, but you want to do it in the most cost effective way possible, consider changing the lighting in the space.

First, consider how the room is lit. Are there huge windows that are great during the daytime, but come dusk everyone finds themselves squinting and blinded in the space? If this is the case, you need supplemenal lighting in the space. That natural method is best for as long as possible, but it fades. Be sure there are plenty of options for lighting once the sun sets.

Next, determine what manual lighting methods are going to work best for the space. Recessed lighting has become popular, and they offer a sleek option that is unobtrusive and subtle. Depending on your furnishings, you may be able to use both table and floor lamps. Both are provide the same amount of light, but have a different appearance. If the space is small, table lamps may be best, as long as the tables are large enough. Should you choose floor lamps in small spaces, there are options that fit nicely behind chairs and in corners. Some styles feature arms long enough to stretch out over furniture into the center of the room. Lighting from the center of the space often means only one option is needed.

Next, consider alternate lighting options. Setting the mood often means utilizing features like dimmer switches, candles, and fireplaces. Remember, using candles for scent and use the fireplace for warmth, both also offer ambiance and lighting. These gentle touches of lighting add ambiance to the space and are great in most areas. Also take into account the use of the room and determine if any additional features are needed. If anyone will be using the room as a pass through after dark, you may want to install a night lighting option. Small choices are available that emit just enough power to help you see as you pass through.

Lighting is extremely important in a space. It should be a major consideration when redecorating, and may be the only change need to freshen up the space.

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