Renting A Sod Cutter Tool In Sod Cutter Rental

A sod cutter is a very useful tool designed to clear the grass for a garden. It is not too hard to use and it is a very good sample of the importance of owning the proper gardening tool for this job.

The sod is the extra grass and dirt above the roots. In other words, it’s a layer of dirt, soil and grass that needs to be removed once in a while, for a better and healthier lawn. A sod cutter is like a more advanced sharp shovel. The professional sod cutters have an engine that do the job for you, while the simplest ones are attached to the feet and do the job while you walk around the garden.

Before deciding go to sod cutter rental and rent the tool, there are a few things you have to consider.

Depending on how much your garden needs it, you have to pick the power and the size of the shovel. More powerful sod cutters go deeper and can dig a larger spot. For example, a sod cutter with the cutting width of 18″ is more useful for a big garden, while a 9″ cutting width sod cutter is generally used for small lawns. Choosing the horse power also depends on the size of your garden and the sod thickness. An industrial sod cutter can go as deep as 36 inches, while a regular one can go 3 inches deep.

It is also very important to ask for instructions if you have never used such tools and the return policy. Some companies might require to clean the tool, or bring it yourself, rather than having someone pick it off. Depending on how big your lot is, you can also rent it on a hourly rate or per day. You might take in consideration renting sod cutters together with a neighbour, if the rates is somewhat out of your budget. The rates may consume $70-100 per day. You might also have to pay for the drop off and the pick up.

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