Robotic Lawn Mower: Newest Mower Option

The lawn mowers that people are most familiar with are the push and riding lawn mowers. These mowers are operated with people behind them or seated on them. At this point in time, there are still many people who do not know that mowers are not anymore limited to push and riding models. Actually, a new kind of mower is now available commercially and this is the robotic mowers. Some of the important facts about robotic mowers will be discussed in this article.

Unlike push and riding mowers, there is no need to push or ride the robotic mowers for them to work. Those who own and use robotic mowers do not even have to be on their lawns as the robotic mowers trim lawn grasses. These are the reasons why some people opt to use robotic mowers. However, robotic mowers are not as easy to acquire as the push and riding models since the robotic mowers are not yet widely available in the market. In addition, robotic mowers are generally more expensive than the usual push and riding mowers.

Robotic mowers have sonar detection systems so the mowers slow down if they sense that there are objects close by. If the detection systems of the robotic mowers sense that objects are very near the mowers, the blades stop working. Some robotic mowers automatically change the direction of the blades if they sense that there are objects just in front of the mowers. Hence, the mowers will not run over big objects and the small objects will not be cut into pieces.

If there are people or pets in the lawn, the robotic mower will sense their presence and avoid the people or pets so accidents that lead to injuries are not likely to happen. Actually, there is a much bigger chance for the pets to attack and cause damages to the robotic mowers than for the mowers to cause harm to pets.

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