Roof Sheeting Options to Consider

Metal roofs are used all over the world. Metallic sheeting is a cheap, but extremely effective, form of roofing because it uses common materials like steel, iron, and zinc and they provide all of the same benefits that other methods of roofing sheets provide. Even though most metal sheeting is similar in function not all of it is made equally. You can ask roofing manufacturers to treat the sheeting in certain ways to get more features out of it.

There are five basic ways roof sheeting can be treated and manipulated and each of them provides a distinct advantage over the other. Here are some roof sheeting options to consider:


Zincalume is now the plain form of sheeting. It used to be that all roof sheets were made out of galvanized iron but manufacturers have found that combining zinc and aluminum makes the sheeting more effective and more flexible. This style of sheeting is untreated and will weather faster than most. If you decide to paint it or treat it after you have put it on the roof, be sure to let it age and weather a bit beforehand.


Not everyone likes a roof shining the color of gunmetal. Sometimes it is necessary to paint the roofing sheets of metal and that is where colorbond treatment comes in. You can get the metal in over twenty different colors. If you want added protection you can go with colorbond steellic or colorbond ultra to further protect your roof from weather damage and seal the colors from the sun.


For houses in areas close to the coast, consider stainless treatment for your roof. The more the roof is beaten down by the elements the more it is going to streak and rust. Stainless treatment prevents rust and ugly discoloration.


When you order your sheeting, you can adjust the thickness of the metal. Basic sheeting used for homes is about 0.42mm. If you feel this is too thin you can always adjust the thickness to your desired measurements.


Even though Zincalume has replaced the older galvanized iron style, you can still find it through some manufacturers. To save a little bit of money, if you do not mind the heavy metal form galvanization takes, you can choose to stick to the original.

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