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When people think of flowers the first thing that comes to mind is often the rose. Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers there are. Unfortunately many people choose not to grow them at home because they believe that roses are difficult to take care of. The truth is that once you know what you are doing roses are not all that difficult to care for and are well worth the effort.

The reason that roses are considered difficult to care for is that they are more sensitive to water and fertilizer than most plants. You need to get the amounts right, too much or too little will likely result in dead roses. Ideally roses should be getting about an inch of water each week. Fertilizer should be applied in the spring, it is also alright to add a small amount in the fall to help the plant survive the winter, but roses should not be fertilized during the summer.

Pruning is important with roses, more so than with other plants. Most plants will benefit with pruning but can survive without, roses need to be pruned, even if you bought them pre-pruned online (which is quite the trend, read up on this at This should be done at the start of the spring in order to allow the air to flow freely around the plant. Roses should also be pruned after the blooms have faded.

Roses will require more effort on your part than other plants but it is well worth it. Once you get the hang of caring for your roses it will become a routine and you should have little difficulty looking after them.

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