Saltless Water Softener – How It Works

It is amazing how salt free water softener treatment system is starting to gain popularity these days. This is because water softener system provides multitude of benefits. You see, the water that you are using today is mostly contaminated by various pollutants. The most common elements that are present in your water are minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonate that make your water hard and unsafe to use. Of course your naked eyes can’t see these minerals, but you can still determine the level of calcium and magnesium carbonate through observation. If the level of these dissolved minerals is more than 4 grains per gallon of water, chemical reactions with your household appliances and other fixtures will start to get noticeable.

Hard water is the reason why your shower glasses have stains. This is the same stain that often appears on your clothes when washed with untreated water. The high level of these dissolved minerals is also responsible for clogging your steel pipes. Other water treatment methods like filtration and distillation may not be enough to resolve this problem.

Good thing, there are salt free water softeners that can help you reduce or totally eliminate the dissolved minerals from your water. Water softeners effectively do this by replacing calcium and magnesium carbonate with soft sodium or potassium as it passes the resin bead.

The usual saltless water softener system is very easy to install. You just need to follow few simple plumbing steps from its installation manual and your system is ready to use right away. The maintenance of this system is not a problem. This type of water softener is durable and maintenance free. However, just to make you feel more comfortable, you can ask the company’s customer service about your maintenance inquires. Providers of these saltless water softeners, most of the time, offer free technical support to help you whenever a problem in your system appears. Most manufacturers provide warranties for their products as well. Some warranties even last up to 10 years. You may ask the brand representative on how to avail this.

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