Saving Winter – One Flannel Sheet at a Time

Many people who use flannel bedding plan on storing flannel sheets for the winter. A thick flannel sheet in particular may generate too much heat for use during the summer months, so they may be stowed away in a linen closet until the temperature drops once again. Though storing your sheets can make them last longer, as they will be used less, improper storage may actually cause them to wear more quickly than they would if they were being used regularly. In order to ensure that your winter sheets are ready when you need them, follow some good storage guidelines each spring.

Always wash your sheets before you put them into storage. Not only should they be put through a regular wash cycle, they should also be carefully inspected for stains and other imperfections. While a stain that is a few days old may come out with special stain fighting detergents, those that have been allowed to set for a few months are far more stubborn. In most cases, any stains that are present when a sheet is put into storage will be present for the remainder of the life of the sheet.

Examine your sheets for any tearing or loose seams. Even a small tear can grow exponentially while a sheet is in storage. A good rule to follow is that any such tears that become apparent should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed. Though it can be difficult to find the time to mend a seam, it is far harder to darn a large hole that dominates a sheet. There is no need to invest in a sewing machine to fix these tears. In fact, a small sewing kit that may be purchased at most drugstores is more than adequate to fix most small holes.

Whenever possible, store your sheets in air tight bags or boxes. Large, plastic tubs are an easy to find and economical way to keep your bedding safe for months on end, even if they are stored in a garage or basement. In homes where space is at a premium, plastic bags that may be deflated with a vacuum will allow one to store a large volume of bedding even in the smallest corner of the closet. These containers will not only keep sheets free of dust, but will also keep them smelling freshly washed all season.

There are a number of steps that should be taken to create the optimum conditions for storing flannel sheets.

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