Scaffold Towers for Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Scaffold towers are now a fairly common sight and are often used in exterior home improvement projects, but they never used to be in the past and there was a good reason for this – scaffolding was something that only people with years of experience and training could safely erect, so they weren’t for the average homeowner to use. The structures were more often than not tied into a building that was being constructed or worked on, and when the building was finished, the ties would have to be removed and this left gaps in the mortar. It was then some poor soul’s job to go over the entire structure of the building filling in the gaps that were left by the scaffolding. Now, however, there are scaffold towers which are freestanding structures that anyone can easily assemble and safely use.

Scaffold towers have also decreased in price so much that they are now within the grasp of the DIYer and people in the trade that only use scaffolding every once in a while. A freestanding tower requires no securing to the building being worked on and consequently more people are willing to use them because they don’t damage the external appearance of the building. This, combined with the fact that they are practical and cheap, is a major driving force behind why you are now seeing so many of them.

This is not the only reason that scaffolding towers are becoming popular, though. Most towers come with adjustable legs with casters on the bottom of them, which makes it very easy to wheel the entire scaffold tower along the length of the home or building. Traditionally a scaffold structure would span the entire length of the building that was being worked on because you certainly wouldn’t dismantle it and then rebuild it on the other side – it just wouldn’t be feasible. The fact that the legs on the bottom of scaffold towers are adjustable means that you can easily erect a scaffold tower safely even on uneven ground.

The new scaffold tower kits that are available are incredibly easy to assemble and anybody can do it. It is almost impossible to assemble the towering incorrectly, so you can be assured of having a safe structure to work from. Of course, if you are working outside high up on a scaffold tower, there are some extra safety precautions that you need to take.

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