Searching for a 50 Inch TV stand

The main thing you need to realize about your search for a 50 Inch TV stand is that you will have to be happy with the way it looks and how it fits into your decor.

That and the cost are the main contributing factors in the selection of one. Once you determine how much your budget will allow you to spend, the search becomes simplified. 50 inch TV stands come in a wide variety of designs which you should know, although that is not going to be discussed here as that is purely a matter of personal taste and a matter of matching your established decor.

There is not a difference between a 50 inch Plasma TV stand and a 50 inch LCD TV stand. A 50 inch flat screen TV stand is just that. It is a piece of furniture and the answers to a few basic questions will get you on the way to a selection that you will be satisfied with. Some people are happy with a console that is actually described as a small unit. Sometimes a 46″ or a 48″ cabinet is sufficient and looks just fine. But this brings up an important consideration. That is one of strength. You will need to know the weight of your TV set so that you can compare it to the weight limitations of the manufacturer. You will not be satisfied with a piece of furniture that sags in the middle.

If cost is not a limiting factor, then you will be able to look for a cabinet made of solid wood. You will have a selection of beautiful hardwoods, both native and imported. These generally came assembled and are showcased both in fine furniture stores and online. Even with these fine pieces you need to consider your specific applications.

As with other selection options, you will need to know the outside and the inside dimensions of the cabinet. You will need to know what components that you will put inside and their measurements, so that you will be able to access the suitability of the piece. Is the shelving adjustable and is it adjustable in a manner that will suit your needs. What number of shelves does it have? Does it have drawers or sliding doors or opposing doors? If it has a glass front, is it tempered? The ease of use will be of concern when all is said and done.

If your budget will now allow the Solid wood or metal and glass options, you will have to look at the mainline products made of various grades of particle board, and there is a wide range of quality here. Again, be sure to know the weight restrictions of any TV stand that you purchase. Some of these you may be able to be purchased already assembled.

When purchasing unit to be assembled you will need to know some things about the product. The ease of assembly is a very high priority in the satisfaction rating of any put-together furniture. This includes the clarity of instructions as well as the assembling itself. It is a good suggestion to have two people to do the construction. One person can read as the other builds, and a certain times extra physical support may be called for. One thing that is a big plus is online support. Not all TV stands will come with this.

There are some other handy things to know before making a purchase. Are there provisions for ventilation? What is the cable and wire management system like? Are there an adequate number of holes? If not you may need to drill additional holes. You may even need to leave off the back altogether if you need access often to cables or if your components are too wide for the cabinet. Also of concern is shipping time, and shipping costs. Sometimes the same tall TV stand is sold at different prices and shipping can help you make a decision between online stores. You can get factory to store delivery for your pickup at some retailers. Be sure that you check the warranty for missing or damaged parts. The best research is reading online reviews, I have found.

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