Searching for the Best Deals on Discounted Flannel Sheets

Bargain hunters will delight at the number of discounted flannel sheets that can be found when you know where to look. Even if your budget is small, it is still possible to use only high quality, high thread count sheets on each bed in your home. There are a few things to consider when looking for the lowest prices on the best sets.

Timing your shopping trip well can have a big impact on the amount that you spend. Most department stores have annual or semi-annual white sales. White sales offer deep discounts on most types of bedding, towels and other linen closet staples. These sales often kick off the fall and spring shopping season, though some locations do launch these discount-fests in the winter and summer as well. Sales are generally heavily advertised, and hopeful shoppers will often be alerted to these sales by advertisements in the newspapers or through local television commercials.

Another way to find deep discounts on flannel sheets is through a regular search of internet coupon databases. While many stores do offer e-mail mailing lists that customers may join to be alerted to sales and coupon offers, many customers would prefer to keep this information private. So, instead of entering your information, you can simply find all the coupons for which members are eligible online. Redeeming these coupons requires little more than imputing a specific code when placing an order, and most stores do not require that shoppers join any frequent customer newsletters or rewards programs. Often, these coupons will be worth as much as 30% off any item or items in the store, so the savings can add up quickly.

Consider shopping at online discount retailers. Some of the lowest prices on the web can be found on sites that sell overstock, or even slightly damaged merchandise. Overstock merchandise is typically first quality merchandise that may be a season or so old. These products are not damaged in any way, and are still in new condition with their original packaging. For even deeper discounts, consider shopping for sheets in “damaged” condition. In most cases, the damage that has occurred can be seen only in the packaging. The sheets themselves may still be in perfect condition. Many stores sell damaged merchandise for as little as 10%-20% of the original retail price.
There are a lot of places where savvy shoppers can find excellent deals on discounted flannel sheets.

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