Selecting A Picnic Bench – Styles And Materials

When you think of a picnic bench, you probably think of a plain wooden bench that is attached to a picnic table or stands along side of it to provide a place to sit while using the picnic table. What you may not realize is how many different types of picnic benches there are to choose from. A picnic bench can come as part of a set along with a table, or you can find a variety of picnic benches available to be used with another table that you may already have or to be used on their own as a place for extra seating, or even as a garden bench.

Here is a rundown of a few different types of picnic benches:

Picnic Bench Materials:

Wooden picnic bench – Probably the most common and popular of the lot are wooden picnic benches. These are typically constructed from teak, pine or cedar and are basic in style with a few slats of wood laid horizontally across two supports that serve as legs. You will often find a wooden picnic table and bench set that comes together, but you can also purchase a wooden picnic bench as a standalone piece of furniture for your deck, patio, backyard or garden.

Plastic picnic bench – Plastic picnic benches are another popular choice due to the fact that they require virtually no maintenance, except for an occasional cleaning with a hose and maybe a sudsy rag. They require less maintenance than a wood picnic bench and are easier to clean. Some plastic picnic benches are made from recycled plastic, which is environmentally friendly. A plastic picnic bench is lightweight and durable and is a great option if you have young children. They are often found as part of children’s picnic table sets.

Steel or aluminum picnic bench – A picnic bench made from aluminum or steel is extremely durable and low maintenance. They can be purchased along with a picnic bench table, or they can be used as a unique piece of outdoor furniture. Steel or aluminum picnic benches lend a contemporary flair to your outdoor décor.

Wrought iron picnic bench – A picnic bench made from wrought iron offers a decorative touch to your outdoor space. Ordinarily ornate in nature, a wrought iron bench is also extremely durable and easy to clean. The one major drawback is that it is heavy to move. If you are looking for a garden picnic bench to add to your décor in addition to providing functionality, then a wrought iron picnic bench is a great idea.

Picnic Bench Styles:

A picnic table bench can take on many styles. Most picnic benches come as part of a picnic table set, but others can stand alone. Here are a few options to consider:

Rectangular picnic bench – The most popular style of picnic benches, a rectangular bench is the type of bench seen with most rectangular or square picnic tables.

Round picnic bench – A round picnic bench is perfect if you have a round picnic table. The bench wraps around the sides of the table to provide ample seating all the way around the table.

Folding picnic bench – If you are looking for a way to have seating on the go or you do not have enough space to keep your outdoor furniture out all the time (or the weather prevents it), you may want to consider a folding picnic table bench. These sets set up easily and then fold up when not in use. Some styles include the picnic table and bench attached as one unit and others have a separate folding picnic table along with matching folding picnic benches.

Children’s picnic bench – A children’s picnic bench and table set is a rite of passage for many small children. Typically made of durable plastic, a kids picnic bench and table can provide a place for the little ones to eat that is just their size and can also be the home of countless hours of imaginative play outdoors. One company that has made children’s picnic benches so popular is Little Tikes. Many a child has enjoyed playing and eating on a Little Tikes picnic bench and table set, not only outdoors, but indoors as well.

No matter what type of picnic bench and/or table you choose to purchase, adding this outdoor dining furniture to your backyard space will add functionality and provide the perfect place to sip a tall glass of icy lemonade on a hot day or to share a meal with family and friends. You can find a variety of picnic benches for sale at home improvement and garden centers (typically in the spring and summer), as well as some pool stores and large discount stores. You can also shop for a picnic table with bench or a picnic bench alone through online retailers. Whether you choose to purchase the item from an online retailer or not, this is a great way to see the different styles of picnic benches and to compare picnic bench prices.

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