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There are many types of outdoor swings from which to choose, so picking the one that is best for your home and garden might seem like a daunting task. The last thing you want to have to deal with approaching the upcoming ‘patio season’ is a tough decision about what type of furniture and accessories to buy. So, read along as we discuss some of the basic features and benefits of different types of outdoor swings to give you a better idea of what is available and to help make the decision of choosing a swing a little easier. You might already have had it with browsing online or trekking around town to sit in the various types of patio swings to decide which one will best suit your needs. This is all the more reason to read this article first, so you are more well informed before you make your purchase.

To begin with, there are a variety of terms used to describe outdoor swings. Really, they could all mean the same thing, so looking at a photo or detailed description is the best way to figure out what they are talking about. While you might have some image in your mind that all outdoor swings are like those old porch swings that hang from chains on the front porch, there are now also standalone models as well. These are actually the most popular kind, because they can be placed in just about any location where there is a level surface. They can be used in a garden setting over some gravel, on pavers, patio slabs, or on most any type of decking material.

One main issue with some standalone patio swings is their size. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in the right situation, they make for the perfect type of swing. You see, these swings often have a large bilateral ‘A-frame’ assembly that supports the swing itself and a canopy above. The canopy is enough to shade the lucky people in the swing, but is not large enough to shade your entire patio. But even so, it makes it quite a bit taller than the other type of swing we’ll mention in a moment, the glider. Also, the patio swing has more of a traditional arc motion to the swing, thereby requiring more room behind and in front of it so it can move.

The other type of swing is the outdoor glider. This type of outdoor swing is made for smaller settings or when you don’t want a canopy overhead. Because it looks more like an outdoor bench that glides forward and backward, it doesn’t need all of that extra space to swing. It just moves several inches back and forth – hence, the name glider.  These don’t have canopies over them for the most part and are best suited for use beneath a covered patio or shaded area. They make for a great place to rest and glide the time away.

Another type of swing you might use on your patio is one of the varieties of swinging chairs. Sometimes, you’ll see them called hammock chairs. One of our favorites is the Skychair™. This one is made of substantial canvas or hemp material and has a unique cradling design. The way it hangs allows for a very comfortable swinging position. There are a variety of accessories that can be ordered with this chair as well – foot rest, arm rests, and even a beverage holder. If you get one, invest in the accessories, because you’ll quickly find that you don’t want to get out of the chair to go grab your drink!

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