Simple steps to eco friendly living

There are many easy tips you can incorporate for a more eco friendly living way of life. Here are a few important steps you can start taking today to save dollars and live a greener lifestyle.

1. Dial back the knob on your heater thermostats. Just by turning down the heat in the winter and turning your air conditioning thermostats up in the summer time, you can save a ton of energy. Just one or two degrees makes a huge difference.

2. Clean your clothes in cold water. It works great and will save on electricity. Hang them out to dry instead of using a dryer. This is another great way to save our planet and air dried clothes smell so fresh!

3. Walk instead of driving a car. The less emissions and gas used the better for our planet.

4. Use energy saving light bulbs. This is a great way to help the earth.

5. Consume and use less. We have so much stuff but we only use a small amount of it. We tend to use the same things over and over. So who needs so much stuff?

6. Recycle. Not using something? Give it to someone who can. Why hang onto things that can help someone else. Donating your clothes and books can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. And you are not using them so why not?

Just make a start to eco friendly living and you will be on your way to helping yourself and the planet.

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