Simple vs. Complex Paver Patterns

One of the more intimidating decisions one needs to make when designing a paving stone installation is the pattern the brick will be laid in. We have very little experience thinking about these kinds of design issues, and it can be hard to sort out the differences between different patterns. In fact, there are really only a few major differences between concrete pavers patterns that you need to be aware of – everything else just depends on your tastes and style. Here are the major differences and consequences of picking simple vs. complex paver patterns.

If you pick a simple paver pattern, the pattern will blend in more to the surrounding environment. When a visitor comes to your house, he or she will more likely not focus on the pavers and instead focus on other aspects of your landscape or home – the furniture, the flowerbeds, the facade, etc. Thus, if you want your paving stones to play more of a complementary role, go with a simple pattern. In addition, many simple patters are easier to install and require fewer cuts. This will lower the amount of labor and materials needed to complete the job, lowering the overall price of your project.

If you pick a complex pattern, peoples’ eyes will be drawn to your project immediately. They will notice your paving stones above all in your landscape and hardscape. Pick this type of pattern, then, if you’re designing your home or yard to have the pavers dominate it and draw all the attention. However, realize that picking a more complex pattern will often lead to a higher price. This is because it is harder to lay a complex pattern than a simple pattern. It also takes more time and materials. More cuts of the brick need to be made to ensure that everything fits together neatly. This all translates into higher prices.

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