Snow Removal for Porch Awnings

If you live in an area that is prone to lots of snow, or that sustains one big snowfall, it is important to remove the snow from porch awnings so that they do not collapse under the weight of the snow. When a snowstorm hits, people immediately think of shoveling their driveways and walkways, and may even remember to remove snow from any flat roofs or carports, but many people fail to remember to remove the snow from porch awnings and canopies.

Why is it so important to remove snow from porch awnings? As snow and ice begin to accumulate on a porch awning, the weight builds up. Eventually, the weight on top of the awning cannot be sustained and when that happens, you are in danger of having the porch awning collapse. This is more likely to occur on older awnings, or awnings that are not very strong or durable.

Of course, if you have a retractable awning, you do not need to worry about the snow as much, since you can retract the awning prior to the snowstorm so that the awning does not get ruined, but if you have a permanent porch awning, caravan awning, deck awning or patio awning, removing snow from them is very important. Not only can a collapsed awning ruin the awning itself, but it can damage other portions of your home, including windows, siding and outdoor furniture, and even worse, can injure people that may be underneath when the weight of the snow brings the awning down.

The best way to remove snow from a porch awning or other type of awning is to use a broom to “sweep” snow off of the awning or to use a snow shovel or snow rake. If you can do this from a window directly overhead, then that is one way to get the snow off the awning. Or, you may need to get up on a ladder to reach the top of the porch awning so you can remove the snow. Whichever way you do this, you must exercise extreme caution when removing snow because the process of snow removal can be rather dangerous. Be sure to wear shoes with traction and to have someone assist you so they can keep the ladder steady and ensure that you remain safe. And watch where you are moving the snow to, since there may be chunks of ice mixed in with the snow.

The time to remove snow from porch awnings and canopies is before too much accumulates and before the weather gets too bad. Do it a little at a time and you will not only keep your awning in good condition but you will also have an easier time getting rid of the snow. It is best not to try to climb up on a ladder when the snow is coming down heavy or it is very windy for safety reasons. And never stand on the awning itself while removing snow, for obvious reasons.

Another good idea is to remove icicles from awnings and canopies as well. These can easily be knocked down using a broom or a shovel, but be careful that the icicles you knock down do not land on you or any surrounding items or they can cause injury or damage. By removing the icicles, you can avoid very large and dangerous icicles from building up and potentially causing a safety hazard.

When a snowstorm hits, it may create a beautiful winter wonderland, but taking a few steps to ensure that your home is safe is important. By removing snow from porch awnings and canopies, you can do your best to ensure that the awning does not collapse and cause damage or injury.

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