So Many TV Shelf Options and So Little Time

There are just as many versatile TV shelf configurations as there are different television shelving needs in homes all over the planet. Some people just need a small elevated shelf to adjust the view height of their new flat-screen television, and others need a complete solution that is more of an open cabinet made of many shelves. The term TV shelf is a generalized description of an amalgamation of product products within the same industry or consumer product category. Whatever an individual’s needs are to facilitate the placement of their TV, finding a more descriptive term for what they are looking for will help narrow down their search for the perfect solution to their viewing placement needs. These support products are usually an amalgam that has been developed over a period time and research from buyers’ feedback.

The TV top shelf is a specialty product that sits on top of a conventional television or CRT style computer monitor. It sits atop of the display to assist in holding accessories like various video players, digital tuning boxes, DVRs, and game console devices. The top can be used for equipment or bric-a-brac, and family photos when space is at a premium at home or the work place. These will not be expensive as they are usually made from one or two pieces of molded plastic, and are black in color to match the majority of televisions. Each big box electronic store will have an inventory of these products to fit various needs of their customers.

The TV shelf topper is a single level-shelving unit that fits on top of a television that will only work with the older picture tube styled TVs. It has two to four support legs that runs across the backside of the shelf to create a support system that levels the shelf. The front will lay directly on the television with rubber feet to prevent the shelf from slipping off when a VCR or DVD player is placed on the makeshift like support device. These simple products are great for temporary solutions, but are not the most stable storage platforms as they depend only on gravity and weight to stay safely in place. Prices can range from two dollars to fifty dollars depending on the detail and quality of materials used in it’s manufacturing.

There also exists a support product called a TV shelf top, which is a multi-level approach to the previously described unit. It works on the same premise depending on the placement of ancillary entertainment product to hold the product squarely in place, when there is nothing sitting on the shelf it will be prone to falling off from the lack of pressure to keep it in place. Friction and weight are justifiable rules to hold light products in place, but considering the cost of the items being stored, it may be prudent to find a sturdier solution in the future.

The three black TV shelf entertainment style units sit on the floor and is a little larger in stature than a coffee table. It will adequately allow the placement and display on most any televisions within certain weight constraints, and will provide storage for all necessary support equipment including a home theater sound system amplifier and control center. This open style shelf system will not necessarily be a positive addition to the interior decorative design, but will be a good temporary or just a plain utilitarian piece of furniture that is produced for function only. The most inexpensive and popular units can be purchased un-assembled for as little as twenty to thirty dollars at most discounted retailers.

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