Soften Your Water with A Salt Free Water Softener System

The water that runs through our regular household water system contains several dissolved minerals that are not visible with our eyes. These dissolved minerals that you can find are usually manganese, calcium and magnesium carbonate. These minerals make your water hard. The hardness of water can be measured through the amount of dissolved minerals that run in it. If the amount of these minerals reaches four grains per gallon of water then it is already considered hard.

You may not realize this, but too much of these minerals in your water may provide numbers of negative effects to your everyday life. Some researches prove that hard water has a strong impact to the performance of most of your household appliances. In fact these minerals can hamper most of your household cleaning task and personal grooming since it also reacts differently on your clothes. You may observe how clothes that had been washed with hard water may look stained and can turn rough in texture. This type of water can really make your favorite clothes look dull and turn old easily.

The effect of hardness can also be seen through your glasses and dishes. No matter how hard you try to clean your dishes and glasses, you will always notice some sort of powdery coating accumulating on your kitchenware. You will notice the same coating on your glass shower doors, bathtubs and shower walls. Your hair and skin may also feel still sticky even after your bathe whenever you use un-softened water.

These are few reasons why several researchers from different state universities of Mexico and the United States of America recommend the use of soft water. There are salt free water softener treatment systems that you can use to effectively reduce the amount of dissolved minerals from your supply. This systems work by allowing your water pass through resin beads that contain soft sodium or potassium ions. These ions will then exchange places with hard minerals ions to create that softening effect. Several salt free water softener reviews and surveys done by some studies show an overwhelming positive result from those people who use this kind of treatment system. If you need to soften your water, ask the assistance of water expert to help you choose the best water softener for you and your home.

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