Solar Pool Cover Buying Tips

If you are looking for a way to keep your pool warmer without the need for exorbitant pool heating costs, then you should consider getting a solar pool cover or solar blanket, whether you have an inground pool (with or without an outdoor spa) or an above ground swimming pool. Swimming pool solar covers collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up the water in the swimming pool. Pool covers also ensure that all the heat already in your pool does not escape from the water at night or during cold weather. If you live in a warm climate with year round sunshine, using solar blankets can lower your energy bills significantly. Even if you are only able to enjoy hot summer weather for a few months of the year, you can still cut costs by covering your pool with a solar blanket or solar pool cover.

A solar blanket is filled with small air pockets that are used to gather the heat from the sun, and then transfer that heat into the swimming pool to warm up the water. They also prevent warmth from escaping at night, and can help to keep the water at a comfortable temperature around the clock. When looking at the variety of solar swimming pool covers on the market today, remember that clear materials are more energy efficient than blue or other colors. The thickness of the pool covers varies between 12 and 16 mm and the thickest solar blankets are the most effective, but they are also the most expensive. If you are working with a small budget, have a look at the 12 mm models.

It is advisable to go to your local pool and spa store and speak with a professional to get some advice on choosing the best solar swimming pool cover for your needs. Even if you do not purchase anything, this can be a very educational experience. While there, you may want to also ask about a solar pool cover reel. This can make the removal process of your cover so much easier. You have two choices when considering a reel for your pool cover. The first is an automatic feature and is more expensive, but rolling and unrolling your solar pool cover is a piece of cake, since you only have to push a button and the cover automatically retracts on its own. The second choice is a manual option, and will require you to crank the reel by hand. It’s cheaper, but does require some work on your part to get your solar pool cover on and off. If your pool is not large or you simply can’t factor it into your budget, then don’t worry about buying a reel at this time.

Using solar swimming pool covers or solar blankets is an energy efficient and economical way to keep your pool comfortably heated without the need for exorbitant pool heating costs. While there is certainly some initial up-front cost to buying solar pool covers, the long term benefits of using the cover to utilize solar energy in order to keep the temperature of your pool comfortable will soon outweigh that initial cost.

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