Solar Powered Yard Lights Is the Best Way to Light Up Any Yard

Main application of solar powered yard lights is decorative lighting of parklands, terraces, facades of private houses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, pavilions, and alpine slides. With such lights it is possible very easy and with minimal investment to change the monotony of the landscape, using a variety of emission color red, blue, green. It is possible to emphasize style and mood of the garden, to create a unique lighting design highlight darkened areas receive alpine slides, decorative fence. It is also important that the design of solar lighting is very diverse and often striking in their complexity and originality.

How does it work?

In the daytime solar panel charges the built-in lamp battery. At nightfall, light turns on automatically and provides soft illumination with a shimmering red, blue and green light. For charging, the weather not necessarily must be sunny. Even in cloudy weather and winter lighting is enough to charge batteries. Power of the glow of solar lamps, of course, is small, but they are indispensable in cases where putting an electrical wire in one of the inaccessible areas of the yard or garden is not possible.


Installing the lights with solar cell on the farm territory, on the facade and on the walls of the house does not require digging of trenches, putting a cable, which usually is costly and dangerous work. Moreover such works are can turn manicured yard plot to a building site under the “zero cycle”. Solar powered yard lights are easily installed, dismantled and moved.


With such lights yard lightning is autonomous and independent in case of any interruption or disconnection of electrical energy. The landscape of yards, alpine garden, and the contours of a pool, garden and ornamental plants, and even the walls of a house will always be covered by soft light, giving their owners a festive mood.


Using the weak currents and the lack of electric circuit makes these devices completely safe for adults, children and pets.

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