Some Applications Of Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains, because of the convenience and decorative values they offer, are slowly becoming a popular choice among homeowners. However, the simplicity of their design and contemporary appeal allows them to be used for other applications as well, apart from their main use as a window treatment. These applications, when done correctly, can definitely add that extra touch to a room’s interior.

The first one is as a screen curtain. Commonly seen in more formal restaurants as dividers between seats, they can also be used at home or other venues to partition off a certain space. Not only do they look great as partitions, they can be easily drawn back to make the space bigger when necessary. And unlike wood or plastic partitions, they can be easily changed to different colors at a minimal cost, and are less heavy to move around.

The second application is as a side curtain. This is very sensible as the simple design coupled with the eye-catching quality of the eyelets make them perfect accents. In fact, they can look quite good even when the main window treatment is rigid, such as blinds, but they look even better when the main window treatment is also an eyelet curtain. Voile curtains would also look great with this side treatment.

Then of course, there is the more traditional application as a bedroom curtain. To look great, the bedroom has to be minimally styled, with the accompanying furniture kept to a minimum, to match the simplicity of these curtains. Light or dark colors may be used, as long as they match the room’s color scheme.

There are many of these designs around, and there are sure to be some to meet anyone’s specific needs. The above examples are a starting guide on how to use these eyelet curtains, but there is no limit to creativity. Find yours today.

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