Special Grace Of Eyelet Curtains

When trying to work out what is so special about eyelet curtains, don’t look too far past the top of the hanging material because the answer lies up in the way the curtains are hung. The eyelets refer to the metal rings that have been punched into the fabric as a means of hanging them on curtain rods. The effect that this method of hanging has on the look of the curtains is that it brings a pleasing aesthetic look in the pleats that are formed.

The great advantage to using eyelets to hang your curtains is the curtains slide easily backwards and forwards across the curtain rod making it simple to open and close the curtains when required. Too many times when attempting to quickly close the curtains at night with hemmed curtains, the curtains tend to catch and a simple task becomes an ordeal.

Thanks to the way in which the curtain strings onto the curtain rod, a natural thin rounded pleat forms for the length of the curtains creating a striking look. This can be further enhanced by using decorative tiebacks on either side to sweep the curtains up.

Because the curtain rod is clearly visible when using eyelet curtains you have the opportunity to make good use of them to create a striking decorative feature out of them. Wrought iron curtain rods are particularly attractive and create a wonderful focus for the eye, particularly when decorative finials adorn the ends.

The choice of fabrics will also change the look of your eyelet curtains with the general rule being that the lighter fabrics will work best with this style of curtain. Larger eyelets may be useful for heavier curtains to spread the load slightly and positioning the holes closer together will also take the strain off each hole when using a heavier material.

A set of eyelet curtains will enhance the style and elegance of any room from the lounge / sitting room to the dining room. Even the kitchen will benefit from the use of eyelet curtains to decorate a picture window.

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