Squirrel Baffles For Bird Feeders

There probably isn’t a bird watcher in the world who hasn’t had to invest in squirrel baffles. Gone are the days when the only visitors to backyard bird feeders were Sparrows and Wrens. These days, there’s another regular guest – and he isn’t easy to keep away.

That’s right – it’s the squirrel. He’s a rodentine acrobat with brains to burn when it comes to finding food!
squirrel baffleIn all honesty, bird seed has always been popular. Mice and chipmunks pick at the remains fallen on the ground. Crows might pay a visit, keeping every other bird at bay. Grackles can be bullies at the feeder, driving Chickadees and Cardinals into the bushes while they gorge.

But nobody scrounges more seed than squirrels. And while on the one hand it’s hard to blame them – after all, they do have to eat – it can be awfully frustrating to look out at your bird feeder day and after day and see nothing but a gang of squirrels.

So what can you do? How do you stop squirrels? You can start by trying to purchase a squirrel proof feeder from your local bird supply store. Check to be sure you can return it, however, if it doesn’t work. Squirrels are expert climbers and are famous for their daring leaps. They don’t take “no” for an answer easily, and you might be surprised to learn just how squirrel-friendly a squirrel proof feeder can actually be.

You can also put your feeders up on poles. Keep them far away from rooftops and trees and fences – this minimizes the opportunity for squirrels to dive bomb the bird feeder from on high. Then, grease the pole – that’s right, give it a good bath with Vaseline! This is harmless to birds, but can thwart squirrels from scaling upwards.

Or, you can simply skip these steps and buy yourself a decent squirrel baffle. Think of these as shields that you apply to the pole – they can go either below or above (or both) the bird feeder itself, and they stop squirrels from gaining access. You have to follow the instructions for putting squirrel baffles on to a T – again, if you give squirrels even an inch, you’ll soon find them taking the whole mile or more!

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