Stockade Fence Basics

There are many different types and styles of fences, and they all accomplish different things. While some are built to enhance the looks of a property, others are built to determine property lines and boundaries or to provide a measure of privacy. Fences can even be used to promote the growth of vegetation. Some fences have the added benefit of blending in with the natural environment rather than being an eyesore. How often have we seen an unsightly wired fence strewn out across a beautiful country landscape? It’s not a very pleasant sight to see miles upon miles of wired fencing zig zagging across pristine land, but there are ways to avoid drawing attention to an ugly fence.

We all choose fences for different reasons, though, which is why there are so many varieties of fences available. Sometimes we select a fence because it is a reflection of our personality and style. Other times, we choose a particular style of fence because it blends in nicely with the exterior of our home or our garden decor. Still other fence types are chosen because they evoke a certain type of memory or look that we are hoping to achieve. And in some cases, we are just looking for the functionality that certain fence types offer.

If you are looking for privacy and a measure of security, and want to accomplish this by way of a fence, a stockade fence can achieve this end very effectively. The stockade fence has a rich and colorful history. It dates back to the days of ancient Rome. In the colonial times, a stockade fence was used simply, as its name implies, as a stockade. The stockade was useful as a defensive measure. Stockades were also very effective as a way to keep people confined and detained within a very small area of land.

Although much has changed since those times, the stockade fence is still very much in use in the 21st century. Stockade fences nowadays are primarily used for privacy. The fence is effective as a privacy barrier by nature of its very design. The stockade fence is taller and higher than the average fence style and does not have any gaps that allow someone to peek through. So, the fence prevents individuals from being able to see onto a property from the ground level. In fact, the stockade fence can be said to be an outside wall of sorts.

When building a fence, the stockade fence should be given consideration as one very effective way to achieve privacy. While there are many fence styles to choose from, this type of fence, with its long and rich history, can provide just what you need to achieve both your functional and aesthetic needs.

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