Style and function for vessel sinks

Many debate the issue of style vs. function when it comes to vessel sinks. They are so popular right now many consumers question whether or not they will end up dating your bathroom. They are indeed stylish, but I can’t help but think of things in the past that were all the rage. For instance, a certain home-building style with a large number of angular windows and wood siding going in different directions was very popular in the 1980s.

Right now though, these homes look extremely outdated and are more difficult to update due to their design choices. I am not sure if vessel sinks will go the same route but it is a factor to consider when deciding whether or not to use one in your home. The most popular iteration right now seems to be the traditional, circular, ‘bowl’ type of vessel sink. Perhaps to better increase the chances of the sinks not being so dated, you could choose a raised, above the counter, vessel sink that is square or rectangular.

On the function side, consumers have been reporting their problems with the depth of vessel sinks. Check out the following consumer comments:

  • Water would drip down the outside of the sink onto the pedestal with splashing. The answer there is simple though – wipe it up with a towel!
  • Vessel sinks will chip along the rim if something is dinged or banged against them.
  • They are not practical for those over 6 feet tall
  • Setting things down around the sink when shaving was a bit of a problem because the counter surface seemed to be limited to underneath the vessel sink
  • Take care with faucet placement because incorrect placement can cause the water to fall on a spot that will splash back up on to the user not from mere water pressure but from just normal water flow
  • Go with specific brands that make a very wide and deep vessel sink which prevents splashing; again the right faucet helps.
  • Vessel sinks have problems with draining – not sure if this is due to where the faucet is placed or if it is the wrong kind of faucet.
  • Vessel sinks are over priced
  • Carefully measure the inches of the placement above the countertop and how far away the faucet is placed.
  • Don’t only follow manufacturer’s instructions to install the vessel sink to the countertop and fasten it underneath the vanity – other steps may need to be taken.

No matter what side of the style vs. function debate you lean toward, it seems both sides of the debate can agree for now that vessel sinks are indeed popular and stylish right now!

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