Styles Of Garden Clocks

There are many different styles of garden clocks to choose from when purchasing a clock for your garden. What you choose really depends on the size of your garden, where you will place the clock, other items in your garden that add to your unique style, and how much you are willing to spend on a garden clock. The types of garden clocks that you can purchase will vary in size, style, appearance, set up, and material used to build them. Garden clocks are most often standard clocks, rather than digital ones, so they are usually circular, twelve-hand clocks.

The different styles of garden clocks available can vary greatly in size and build. For instance, there are table garden clocks or floor standing types of clocks that stand independently from the ground. The table clocks look like tables, only the table top is the actual clock so it looks like a round table. These table garden clocks are generally larger than hanging clocks and can be angled perpendicular or at a forty-five degree angle from the ground rather than staying parallel like a regular table. They are often ornamental and can be found in different decorative materials such as iron or wood.

Other standing garden clocks stand completely upright from the ground like a post or street sign. They stand sturdy wherever you place them, with the actual clock at the top of the post. They are each unique in what the actual post looks like and can be completely solid, can have small legs with designs winding around the legs, or they can even incorporate pendulums to add to the style of the clock.

The most common garden clock is the wall or hanging garden clock. There are two different types – one type actually hangs directly on the wall, flat against it, and the other hangs from a wall bracket. The ones that hang flat against the wall are typically the least expensive type of wall clocks. The ones hanging from a wall bracket can bring more variety because not only are you choosing a garden clock for your garden, but you now have to pick from a variety of wall brackets that can range in size and design. The garden clocks that hang from a wall bracket are usually double sided, which is a convenient quality because it allows you to check the time from multiple places in your garden.

Garden clocks can be purchased within any budget. The price range of garden clocks varies greatly. There are inexpensive, wall hanging garden clocks that might not have the most unique design and style, but can be found as low as fifteen dollars and usually have an average price between thirty to forty dollars. If, on the other hand, you are willing to invest a good deal of money into a more expensive, more unique style of garden clock, you could easily find, for example, a standing garden clock that could cost twelve-hundred dollars or more.

So, when it comes to buying garden clocks, you are limited only by your own unique style as well as your budget, since there are so many types of clocks to choose from. No matter what type of garden clock you choose, you will not only provide a convenient way to know what time it is when you are out enjoying your garden, but you can add a distinct decorative element to your garden decor as well. You can even find garden clocks with thermometers, so you can also be able to tell what the temperature is like out in your garden no matter what the time.

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