Successful Basement Remodeling Ideas

Successful basement renovation is about creating a functional space. The problem is that we often ask too much from our basements and try to cram everything into them. If you want laundry facilities, home office, storage center, home entertainment, bar, kids playroom, sewing room, spare bedroom for guests, bathroom spa and a workout room all in one you will fail miserably and end up with a junk room. The best basement remodeling ideas fail because the image of what the space is primarily designed for is unclear. Avoid this by sticking to one central theme.

Multifunctional Basement Remodeling Ideas

I’m not saying that your basement cannot serve more than one purpose, but I am saying that you must decide the primary function. Here is the idea I implemented in my home basement which ended up being multifunctional but have one basic idea as the basis.

Spa – workout room- entertainment center – the main theme of the space is as a workout room, but the area will be left open so as to accommodate several workable concepts. Use a modern spa idea and create a wide open space that has a spa for women sort of feeling to it by using glass, mirrors and sleek accents that are black leather and somewhat minimalist. Incorporate a stationary bicycle, a rowing machine or whatever work out equipment you desire into an area that also has a seating arrangement that faces a large screen TV and music center. At the back of the open area, close off an area for a walk in shower or a shower enclosure. Use glass blocks so light will enter the closed shower space. What you have will be an area that is functional for workout, with a TV and music, perhaps a ballet bar and a large mirrored wall. This works well for when you exercise, you have something to watch and listen to just like a gym. However, the sofa and TV theme is also an entertainment or family room, which can be used in the evenings or when exercise is finished. The shower adds a bathroom to the home and a spa feeling fro after workouts, but is also a great place for showering when the upstairs bath is in use.

Three-in-one basement remodeling ideas can be practical if the three activities will not be conducted at the same time.

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