Sun Blinds Provide Energy Efficiency and Protection

We may love the feeling of the sun streaming in through the windows on a chilly day, warming up the room and brightening up our day. What we don’t love, however, is the damage that the very same sun rays can wreak on our furnishings, carpets and curtains, or the way they can raise our electric bills on warm summer days. Sun blinds are the answer to enjoying the brightness from the sun and the view to the great outdoors while maintaining energy efficiency indoors and protecting our belongings. Sun blinds, or sun shade blinds as they’re sometimes called, are a protective shield that reflects the sun’s rays without limiting the view.

When it comes to sun control blinds, there are a few different options to choose from. Some types are considered sun blocking blinds and are installed on the inside of windows to block the sun from entering the interior of the home when they are closed. While this can work to block the sun out, it also keeps the brightness of the day out and impedes the view to outside as well. So, although this is one option for blocking the sun, it may not be the best option.

Another option to consider is outdoor sun blinds. These blinds are installed on the exterior of the window rather than the interior and work to filter the sun’s rays by reflecting out the sun’s harmful rays, while still allowing adequate light to stream in through the window and not hampering the view. Exterior sun blinds block the sun not by closing out the sun to the interior of the house, but by using reflective materials to bounce the sun’s most damaging rays back out, away from the house, to limit the heat that is transferred inside and to reduce fading of indoor fabrics.

A sun blind that is installed on the exterior of the window can be easily retracted or unrolled whenever sun protection is needed. The blinds work in a similar fashion to a sun screen – the material of the blinds reflects the sun away from the window, reducing the amount of the sun’s rays that can ultimately filter through the window. By doing this, it keeps the temperature indoors cooler and also doesn’t allow the sun to beat down on furnishings, carpets and curtains, fading the fabrics in the process.

Home sun screen blinds work in the same basic way as car sun blinds that are used to keep the sun from beating on a closed up car all day, causing temperatures to soar and the interior fabric to fade. There are a few differences between the two, however. A car sun blind is manually put up to cover the window when the car is not in use and while reflecting the sun away from the car’s interior, it blocks the view out of the window as well (similar to a sun blind installed on the inside of a home’s window). This is fine for its intended purpose, since blinds for the car are used when the car is parked and not in use and no one is inside, but may not be as effective for use in a home on a regular basis if you enjoy looking outside.

A home’s window sun blinds, on the other hand, are often used while individuals are indoors and allow occupants to still enjoy the light from outside, as well as the view. This is possible because exterior sun blinds are constructed from a fabric that has perforations in it that still allow light in and allow those inside to see out of the window, even though the fabric is working to reflect the sun away from the inside of the house. Another difference between home sun blinds and car sun blinds is that those installed on the exterior of a home’s window are often operated either via a remote control or a button that automatically operates the opening and closing mechanism of the blind, rather than being operated manually. Some sun blinds can even be programmed to automatically roll down at certain times of the day and to retract at specified times as well, protecting the home even when no one is home to operate the blinds.

You can order custom sun blinds to fit your home’s windows from companies that supply most types of window blinds, as well as from those that sell accessories for sun rooms, conservatories, and similar type rooms. If you do a search for sun blinds online, you are sure to find a variety of companies that offer various types of blinds so you can find the one that best suits your purpose (and your wallet!). You can buy sun blinds directly online and they can be shipped to you (and you install them yourself), or you can simply do some research about different features and materials, and can even compare sun blind prices, and can then find a local company to do the job for you.

Installing sun blinds on the exterior of your home’s windows can protect your interior belongings from fading and can add to the energy efficiency of your home. And since they block the sun’s rays without fully blocking out light or your view to the outside, you can still enjoy the best the sun has to offer from the comfort of your home.

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