Sunflower flower

Sunflowers are a gardeners delight, they are hardy plants that require very little care and they will grow pretty much anywhere. They are also very colourful, with big, bright flowers that will make any garden look good. As an added bonus the seeds make an excellent snack.

One thing that you need to keep in mind about sunflowers is that they are big and they need a lot of space to grow. In a perfect world you will want them about a foot apart, unfortunately planting them this way rarely works. The problem is that animals love sunflower seeds and will dig up your garden looking for them. A better way to plant them is to scatter lots of seeds and then thin the plants out once they are about six inches tall.

Sunflowers can grow in almost any soil but it never hurts to add some compost to increase in the nutrients in the soil. For the first few weeks they should be watered regularly but once they are established they will pretty much grow on their own. One consideration that you need to make when planting sunflowers is that they are very tall. You need to make sure that when they grow they aren’t going to put the rest of your garden into the shade. This won’t hurt the sunflowers but it will be a problem for the other plants. The best way to avoid this is to plant the sunflowers along a wall, this has the additional benefit of providing support to the sunflowers, which they will need when they get to full height.

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