Sunroom Furniture Care Tips

Sunroom furniture comes in many forms, although most often homeowners opt to buy wicker sunroom furniture or rattan sunroom furniture, since it is not only comfortable and durable, but it also fits the general look and design style of what people envision a sunroom should look like. However, the nice thing about indoor sunroom furniture, in comparison to other types of furniture that are used outdoors such as patio furniture or other types of garden furniture, is that most furniture for sunroom use is not exposed to the elements of the weather (since it is indoors), and therefore requires less care than outdoor furniture needs.

Regardless of the fact that your indoor sunroom furniture needs less care than any outdoor furniture you may have, there are still some care and maintenance tips to keep in mind so that your sunroom furniture design stays fresh and keeps looking as good down the road as it did the day you bought it. So, if you are looking for tips to care for your sunroom furniture, here are a few things to consider:

Dust it off – Most sunroom furniture, especially rattan or wicker sunroom furniture, can get dusty after awhile, so it is best to periodically dust it off with a feather duster or a light rag. While this may seem like a “no-brainer” of a tip, the truth is that wicker or rattan sunroom furniture can trap that dust and dirt within the woven material, making it harder to clean out down the road if you neglect this maintenance step. Trapped dirt can make your sunroom furniture look drab and dull or can even make allergy sufferers in your home sneeze.

Wipe it down – It is also a good idea to wipe down your indoor sunroom furniture on occasion with a damp cloth. This will remove any stuck on dirt or debris and should keep your furniture looking fresh and clean. You can even use a mild detergent or furniture spray, but be sure to check the type of sunroom furniture you have to determine if any specific type of cleaner will be harmful to the surface.

Cushion care – Most sunroom furniture has cushions and these are often the parts of the furniture that wear the quickest and require the most care. Sunroom furniture cushions are replaceable if they get too worn, but with proper care, you should not need to look for replacement sunroom furniture cushions too often. One of the biggest culprits to diminishing the look of your cushions is the sun, and since sunrooms are notoriously very sunny (thus their name!), you may find that your sunroom furniture cushions begin to fade from the constant solar exposure. You can prolong the fading process by periodically flipping your cushions over if they can be used on either side, or you can even remove the cushions when not in use so they do not get exposed to as much sunlight. Aside from fading, you should keep your sunroom furniture cushions clean by spot cleaning them when they get dirty and should also take them outside once in awhile to shake out any dust or debris that may accumulate on them.

Refinish or repair – If your sunroom furnitures seen better days, it may be in need of some refinishing work or repairs. Wicker or rattan sunroom furniture can be repainted, and spray paint is often an easy way to breathe new life into drab furniture. Wood sunroom furniture may require an occasional coat of paint or stain, especially if it has been exposed to constant sun exposure, although this is not something you should need to do very often. Metal sunroom furniture should not require any refinishing work, although you should check if any repairs need to be made. Since most sunroom furniture remains indoors, like any other furniture in your home it should not be subjected to any more wear and tear than your indoor items, except for maybe any negative effects due to constant sun exposure. But, many people wind up taking their sunroom furniture outside to use on their patios when the weather gets nice, and if you use sunroom patio furniture as one in the same, your furniture may require additional care when the season starts to cool.

Replace when necessary – The great thing about most sunrooms is their casual appeal. This means that most people opt to buy casual sunroom furniture to relax and enjoy their space, but casual should not be confused with cheap. If you opt for high quality furniture over cheap sunroom furniture, however casual the style may be, you should be able to enjoy your furniture for many years. However, if you instead choose cheap sunroom furniture sets or individual pieces just to fill the space, you may be heading back to the store earlier than you would like to replace the furniture because it is broken, worn or uncomfortable. If budget is an issue, scour stores for discount sunroom furniture or a sunroom furniture clearance sale at the end of the season to get a good deal on price, without skimping on quality. This will help you stay within your budget, while leaving you with sunroom furniture that you can enjoy for a long time with only minimal care and maintenance requirements.

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