T1 11 Siding – A Practical Home Exterior Siding

Being a man – made siding material and a product made from engineered wood, T1 11 siding appears roughly sawn with vertical grooves. While it is manufactured from wood products, it still has the same natural look of wood but without the most qualities of real wood siding. It s not as durable as other wood siding materials and comes the least option for home exterior finishing.

T1 11 wood siding became most popular during the 70’s and 80’s because it was considered as the cheapest home siding option. However, when the affordable installation turned out to be most expensive because of constant repairs and replacement due to its delaminating problems when exposed to harsh weather condition, it became the last option on many homeowners siding options list. T1 11 has the tendency to delaminate over time especially when exposed to too much heat and heavy rains. In short, it is not a weather proof siding and most probably it will flap during storms and strong winds. If moisture finds its way into the paint and into the plywood, it will make your t1 11 siding rot and if it is not replaced or attended to, rotting may extend to you home structure and damaged it. T1 11 is also not fire resistant and will need to be replaced sooner than other wood siding if it cracks and delaminates.

However T1 11 wood siding can be a great advantage to homeowner in a budget. It usually comes with an inexpensive price and no installation expenses because it can be easily installed by handy homeowners. Cutting the cost in the installation is just wise and purchasing a cheap siding will allow you to save a lot of money. T1 11 siding prices starts at $22 to $56 per sheet. The question would be; Is T1 11 a practical siding option? Yes, it could be you know how to go about proper installation and sealing. Sealing, painting or staining can extend the life of you T1 11 home exterior siding and will make it more durable and long lasting.

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