Ten Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Adding value to your home is not as difficult as you might first think, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. These home improvements can also benefit your safety and security. By adding security doors , building a veranda, updating to solar power or building a deck can all add value to your home.

Security Doors and Screens

Security doors and security screens are a great way to add value to your home and they also benefit your homes security. They are also handy because you can have screens on your windows but still be able to open your windows and see through them. Having a security door will also help decrease your power bill as in summer you will be able to keep your front door open to let the breeze through but still have the security door locked to keep you safe.

Air Conditioning

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning you will certainly be noticing it during the summer but you will also notice that homes listed for sale in the real estate section of the paper will often demand more if they have air conditioning.

Paved Areas

Paving looks fantastic around around the edge of a pool and is a good surface for an entertainment area. If there are areas of your garden that you walk to regularly, such as the clothesline think about having paving put in so that you don’t wear a path way across your lawn.


Having a pool will certainly add value to your home and if you live in a warmer climate you will get a lot of use out of it. Pools are great if you have children and they are fantastic when you entertain in summer. Before putting in a pool make sure that you have the time to maintain it.

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