The Advantages of Solid Oak Flooring

Although there are several types of wood plank flooring widely available, oak is understandably one of the most popular materials. Solid oak flooring is widely available, durable and attractive. It’s also less expensive than certain other types of wood, such as teak. Oak flooring comes in two basic types – red and white. White oak is harder, while red oak is generally easier to install.

One of the biggest advantages of oak flooring is that it is easy to maintain once you have it installed. Wood plank flooring can be dusted – even vacuumed – and mopping it with a gentle disinfectant mixed into warm water will ensure that it looks as good as new. Any cracks or chips can easily be repaired by patching and a warped or chipped plank can fairly easily be replaced with a new one.

Solid oak flooring can be left unfinished, or it can easily be stained. It can be purchased already stained or you can easily do this yourself by using stain along with a cloth or brush. Staining your oak floor will give it a darker color, almost resembling the more expensive teak, and providing what many consider to be an even more attractive appearance.

Wooden flooring, oak included, also has the ability to retain heat – something that anyone walking barefoot over a wooden floor will appreciate. A laminate floor on the other hand will always feel cold to the touch. Oak flooring is also naturally resistant to mildew, mold or dust mites, making it an excellent flooring choice for those with allergies.

Properly installed and looked after, a solid oak floor can be enjoyed for many years. It’s also a good investment and will undoubtedly increase the value of your home – most home buyers appreciate the versatility and beauty of a wooden floor.

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