The Advantages of Wire Closet Systems

Closet organizer systems are efficient tools for anyone’s organizing needs. Wire closet organizers are perhaps the most commonly purchased type of closet system because of its many advantages. Though these organizers also have disadvantages, there are only a few.

One disadvantage is that these are prone to rusting so customers should make sure that they purchase rustproof variants. Wire shelves are also known to leave lines or marks on the wardrobe or linen so ironed items may easily be scrunched.

On the other hand, the advantages of wire systems are the following:

1. Compared to wooden systems, wire organizers are a cheaper alternative. At under $50, customers can be equipped with an efficient wire system. Other products can range up to $150, but is still cheaper than their wood counterparts.

2. Compared to plastic, wire organizers are durable. On the other hand, they are comparable in durability with wood organizers and in some ways even more superior. Wire organizers can accommodate items weighing more than 175 lbs. Rubbermaid and ClosetMaid both sell wire systems that are built to last. Rubbermaid closet organizers hugely popular and can be found at any home improvement store.

3. Wire closet organizers are relatively lightweight. As such, these can easily be installed and uninstalled, which is perfect for people who live in dorms or those who move around often.

4. Wire closet systems are easy to assemble and install. Even with simple hand tools, practically anybody at home can install their own wire organizers. Manufacturers also include detailed instructions that make the installation easy. Owners can also access installation tips and videos widely available on the Internet.

5. These closet organizers are also resistant to mold, moisture and termite destruction. This feature makes wire systems more superior to wood closet systems, which are easy targets for termites, molds or even fungi.

Since the shelves and baskets are made out of wire, the items that are placed in it are easily visible. Owners will be able to save time in that they no longer have to rummage through drawers in order to find the things they need.

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