The Ancient Art of Quilting and Quilting Frames

People from ancient times through the present enjoyed making quilts. For awhile quilting had decreased in popularity, but recently it has been experiencing a resurgence. Today, people have several options of quilting frames from which to choose. These frames can assist quilters to improve their skills and work faster.

Many people have enjoyed quilting throughout history. As early as 5,000 B.C., Egyptians sewed quilts. In Colonial times, people also designed and made their own quilts. In the early twentieth century, families and communities held quilting bees. The gatherings gave communities the chance to socialize and gossip. Some times these quilts were given to Newlyweds as presents. Many families still enjoy the benefits of quilts made by their ancestors, and they have become family heirlooms.

The quilting frame holds the material in place during the sewing process. Traditionally, movable slats made from wood and wheels, enabled the hobbyist to adjust the fabric into an optimum position. Sometimes the slats are made from oak. With these devices, the fabric needs to be manually fed into the frame. The frames can also be extended to allow several people the opportunity to work on the quilt simultaneously. One of the benefits of quilting is the social aspect of the event.

Today, according to Quilting Frames Online, making quilts is becoming popular again, and people are using many types quilting frames. Some of these frames are made from non-traditional materials, and come with mechanical devices. These new devices allow the material to be automatically fed into the frame as a person sews. While the new quilting frames work better, they can also cost more. At the high end, the frames can range up to $6,000.

Quilting frames and sewing products provide new opportunities for quilters to create a new generation of family collectibles. Once again, grandmothers are making quilts as wedding presents. Quilts have also become a popular gift for newborn infants, and students heading off to college. In many communities quilting bees are gaining in popularity. New frame designs improve the ancient tradition of quilting, and provide many enjoyable ours of individual and social activity.

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