The Beauty of Unfinished Pine Bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for a casual country look for your bedroom, which is elegant and comfortable, then unfinished pine furniture is the way to go. Why do we make such a bold claim? Because decorating your home using unfinished pine bedroom furniture can give your bedroom a rustic appearance that is immensely attractive, that’s why!

Pine bedroom furniture usually comes in 5 pieces; bed frame, dresser, side table, chest of drawers, and a pine dressing table. Leaving the wood of unfinished pine bedroom furniture bare is an option many choose, they simply oil the wood now and then, to keep it gleaming. The natural color of the wood used to create pine bedroom furniture shows through with no staining required, the knots, and natural marring that appear in pine is particularly attractive.

Pine is a soft wood that requires sealing to protect it from the elements; this sealing application will in no way detract from the beauty of your unfinished pine furniture. Purchasing pine bedroom furniture that is unfinished is cost effective, and can be easily done for those who are budget minded. The softness of genuine pine makes it an excellent candidate for detailed carving, which can enhance the beauty of your pine bedroom furniture, and allow you to have the luxurious feeling of more expensive hardwoods.

The varieties of stains available make it easy when choosing to change the décor of your room by changing the color of your unfinished pine bedroom furniture. With the right stain, a few brushes, and rags, you can have a Cherry or Oak finish added to your pine bedroom furniture that will age beautifully over the years. The light weight of pine makes it easy to move around, yet because it is a solid wood, it is extremely durable and its longevity has been tested and proven for generations of pine furniture owners.

Solid woods make the best furniture, and craftsmanship of quality pine bedroom furniture make it a décor match for any home owners’ personal sense of style.

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