The Benefits Of Mondo Grass

If you are looking for the perfect groundcover for a garden or other landscaped area, mondo grass may be just the answer. Mondo grass is an easy-to-maintain turf that remains green all-year long and never needs to be mowed. The secret behind this grass is that it is not really a grass at all, but rather a member of the lily family, with long, slender, grass-like leaves. Plants come in individual clumps and when planted, they fill out to create the appearance of a lush, hardy groundcover.

Mondo grass is often used in flower beds, between stepping stones in a garden or backyard, or to mark borders. These plants establish themselves quickly and do well in both full sun and shade. Mondo are often used to fill in areas of the yard where other plants just will not grow. They do not require significant amounts of water, making them an attractive option in areas prone to drought and high temperatures. Weed control is simple, as mondo grass can easily withstand most over-the-counter weed killer products. Weeds can also be removed quickly by hand for the gardener who prefers a more organic approach.

The height of traditional mondo typically reaches between six and ten inches. Those looking for a more maintained look may consider dwarf mondo grass instead. Dwarf mondo is a miniature version of mondo grass that rises only two or three inches above the soil. This grass works well between stones, along pathways, or as a backdrop in a flower garden. Like it’s larger cousin, dwarf mondo is drought-resistant and can succeed in sun and shade.

Ornamental grasses such as mondo grass are a great addition to any garden and provide a finished look that many amateur gardeners struggle to achieve. This plant, often known as monkey grass, is extremely versatile and can be grown in a wide variety of soil conditions. It is an excellent option when looking to take your gardening project to the next level.

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