The Benefits of Rollup Awnings

Awnings are a great way to provide protection from the sun and rain when you are enjoying your outdoor space. Whether the awning is situated over your patio, deck or porch, the overhead covering can provide added functionality to the area. One perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds, both a covered space and one that is uncovered when you want, is to install rollup awnings.

Rollup awnings, also known as retractable awnings, are a type of awning that can be used as a covering when you are looking for overhead protection but can be rolled up (and hence the name “rollup awnings”), when you would rather keep the space open to the skies above. Rollup awnings can be manual or automatic, meaning that you either need to use a crank to manually roll up the awning or you can simply push a button or even use a remote control to operate the mechanism that rolls up the awning for you. Whichever type of rollup awning you choose, there are a number of benefits to installing this type of awning.

Installing rollup awnings as compared to permanent awnings provides you with the option to choose whether or not you want to have an awning overhead when you are enjoying your patio, porch or deck. This, of course, is the primary benefit of rollup awnings, but not the only one.

Another benefit to these types of awnings is that because they are not always left unfurled, the material they are made from usually lasts longer. This is because rollup awnings allow for the canvas or fabric canopy that is part of the awning to get a break from constant exposure to the sun, and therefore they are less likely to fade. Also, since a rollup awning can be rolled up when the weather is bad, it is less likely that any damage will occur to the awning due to excessive winds, rain, or snow.

In much the same way that rollup awning fabric lasts longer because it is not exposed to constant sun, wind and rain, another benefit is that if your home has many large trees in close proximity to the awning, you can keep the awning mostly rolled up during the fall months, when lots of leaves, debris and small branches tend to fall. This keeps your awning fabric cleaner and less likely to sustain any damage from items falling from the trees overhead or blowing around in the wind.

Some people that choose rollup porch awnings for the front of their home also use the option to open or rollup the awning as a way to periodically change the look of the house. So, for example, if you prefer the look of a quaint covered porch to relax in with a cup of ice cold lemonade on a warm summer day, you can keep the awning opened up throughout the summer months. But if you prefer the more open look of the front of the house during the rest of the year, you can roll up the awning during that time.

One additional benefit that some people may not consider when it comes to rollup awnings is how they can change the comfort level of the interior of your home. If the awning is placed outside of a window or sliding door area to your home (which it very often is), the awning will provide shade to the inside of your home when it is opened up and will let the sun shine in when it is rolled up. If you have a permanent awning in the location, you don’t have a choice as to how much sun or shade you get inside. But if you can decide whether to keep the awning open or rolled up, then you can adjust how much sunlight gets inside the house during any given time of day or time of year. This can help keep the temperature of the house more comfortable all year long (cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter) and can also reduce the amount of fading that sometimes occurs from constant sun exposure, while also allowing the room to be lit up by the sun when you want it to be.

There are many benefits to installing rollup awnings, in addition to the most obvious one that people think of, which is that a rollup awning allows you to provide overhead protection when you are enjoying your outdoor space only when you want it. And since rollup awnings now give homeowners more control over their shade/sun exposure, more and more homes are opting to enjoy the benefits offered by rollup awnings.

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