The Best Air Mattress ( Air Bed ) for Couples

Breakfast for a couple on an air bedFor those couples, who are tired of using the conventional mattress, there are some other ways to keep beds comfortable and still give you a good night’s sleep.

One main choice is the “air bed”. While some have limited their idea of airbeds as those brought out on camping nights, many people have started using airbed right in their homes – in their bedrooms because of the comfort and convenience it can provide.


  • Probably one of the major pros or advantage of having an air bed is that it can be fine-tuned to you personal comfort level. Since air beds and air mattresses are filled with air, you can simply adjust the firmness to suit your preference.
  • Some high-active people can have a difficult day and would need something that is just rightly comfortable for them to sleep in and this flexibility is impossible to achieve with the traditional beds.
  • Aside from these, air beds reduces dust mites and prevent allergies unlike traditional mattresses which can house dust particles, dead skin and therefore accumulate dust mites.


  • One disadvantage of air beds is that it can easily lose its firmness over time, in the same way that traditional mattresses loses its springs.
  • Though you can still pump it up to get it back to its normal firmness, this process can be quite a hassle.
  • For some, air beds can also be in danger of being punctured – and when that happens, you may never find where the exact tiny hole is. That spells the end of your air bed’s life span.

What to look for when buying

A couple is eating on an air mattress bedWhen buying air beds, the first thing to check is its construction and durability. When it is made from plastic materials, it can look thinner but they are actually a lot stronger. Also check out the kind of welds that keeps the mattress together. Usually cheap mattresses break apart at the seams. Some air beds are made with thicker plastic with soft fabric coating for added comfort. When you are buying air beds, make sure to ask for a small repair kit so that you can patch small seams or punctures.

Important! Remember that good quality air beds can inflate easily and high-end models provides the ability for adjustable firmness level. Also, simply designed air beds made from quality materials are generally the ones that last longer.

Where to buy

You can find a wide number of choices for air beds out in the market today. You are sure to find the one that will meet your needs and your budget. Check out independent retailers, manufacturers and online stores and compare prices.

How to find a good deal

You can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars depending on the quality and materials you select. Also watch out for sales so that you can check the quality before you purchase. As long as you know what a good air bed is made from and what to look for when buying, you are sure to find an air bed that will give a good night’s sleep with better support and less pain that traditional mattresses can’t give you.

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