The Best Locations to Build a Kit Home

There are many great locations to build kit homes in Australia. A lot of people choose to build a kit home for a holiday house because it is more cost effective, but there are also those who choose a kit home over a conventional house as their main residence. Kit homes can be built by the owner or you can pay a builder to construct them for you. You can make many great additions to your kit home too, like including verandas or patios or even adding solar panels.

Kit homes are great to build anywhere, whether you choose to have them as a holiday home or live in it all year round. Some examples of where you can build your kit home follow.

Rural area

There are many great designs of kit homes available with there being ideal kit home styles to suit a rural property. There are many country style home designs with wide verandas that complete the look on a farm or bush block. There are also great period style homes too that look beautiful in the country on a larger property, especially one with the space to put in a cottage style garden around it. You can also build your kit home with a steel frame, which is a much wiser idea in areas like the country or bush where they are prone to more bush fires. A steel frame will withstand a bush fire much better than a timber frame. If you are planning a tree change or building a holiday home in the country building a kit home will give you a great project over a few months if you choose to build it yourself to save money.

Beach side

Another great location for a kit home is at the beach. A lot of people have holiday homes at the beach and a kit home is suitable because it is cheaper to build and makes sense to spend less on a home that you are only going to spend weekends or school holidays using. There are many kit homes that are more open plan style, which is suitable for a beach home where you would do more entertaining. Choose a style of home that has more bedrooms because when you own a beach home you will find that you have guests to stay quite often. Having a spare bedroom is always useful. There are kit homes available that have a modern style that looks great in a beach environment.


There is no reason you can’t build a kit home as your main residence in the suburbs. You also don’t have to build it yourself if you don’t want to, instead hire a builder like you would for a conventional home.


If you own a property in the bush or mountains a kit home is a good option. With kit homes everything is delivered at the start, so all you need to do is follow the comprehensive instructions to build it. If it is a long way to the nearest hardware store you need not worry because you will have everything you need to build your home from start to finish once you have all the right tools.

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