The Best Place for a Chandelier

Finding the right place in a room to place a normal light is hard enough, but thinking about where to put chandeliers is even harder. Finding the ideal place to put a chandelier can be a real challenge. The best place to use a chandelier will depend on a number of factors. One thing is the size of the room in comparison to the size of the chandelier. Because chandeliers give off such a unique light, the placement of them has got to be just right to get the best effect.

Chandeliers cast a nice soft, subdued light over large areas. Even if you use a small chandelier, in your bathroom for example, you will still get a nice circle of light. The best places around the home to use chandeliers are in the dining room, or even in the family room. You can get chandeliers for your bedroom as well, but many people find this to be a bit too flashy.

If you are going to be using a chandelier as the main source of light in a room, it should be placed right in the center of the ceiling to get the best effect. Generally rooms are going to have a ceiling that is about eight or nine feet high, you will want the chandelier to be around three feet above the dining table or the main table in the room.

There are lot more styles of chandelier other than the large centerpiece style. This mean you have options to use chandeliers in smaller rooms. The trick is to find something that is going to give you the perfect light that you need but without dominating the whole space. You can use the tables in the room as a guide to choosing chandeliers. So for example if the table in your dining room is 36 inches wide then your light should be about 24 inches. You take the width of the table and take away 12 inches and you should have the ideal sized light.

If you are not to keen on big chandeliers that hang from your ceiling you could give some thought to chandelier wall sconces, these are great for adding accents to smaller spaces. They cast small pools of light that are great for reading, or when you are sitting chatting with friends.

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