The Best Woods For Garden Decking

Garden decking added to the house improves the appearance and property value of the home. It provides additional space for family activities such as outdoor picnics. A deck can also offer a spot for relaxation, mediation and reading. Use a deck to hide and utilize a troublesome piece of landscape such as a rocky slope. Different woods create subtle aesthetic differences that can be used to accentuate the property and home so make sure to take advice from someone in the know if you are planning to build your own garden deck.

Three types of hardwoods commonly used in deck construction are Ipe, Iroko, and Teak. When first constructed an Iroko or African teak deck looks yellow, but as the wood ages, it turns an appealing brown. In addition to being used in decking, it has been used for garden furniture and naval construction. The wood has a medium density compared to the other two woods. While it resists wear and decay, and is not as resistant as the other two species.

Teak lumber has a dark golden brown appearance. It has a straight grain with a coarse texture, and darker striations. Teak wood also withstands the affects of weather, and does not need preservatives or stains. The hardness of the wood makes it resistant to insect damage as well. Due to its good look and durability this wood has commonly been a favourite for garden furniture, pool areas, and boat decks.

The hardness of Ipe makes it a top choice for deck projects. This wood is fine grained with a deep red colour. Its aesthetic beauty will enhance any deck. Ipe is much harder than oak, and one of the strongest woods in the world making it highly resistant to weather and insect damage. Ipe cost less than woods of similar strength.

Regardless of which of these woods are used, the result will be beautiful garden decking. Enjoy the outdoors with a barbecue on the new deck. Maybe even spend some time with your significant other watching the sunset. The deck could even offer a place to observe birds, rabbits and deer feeding in the backyard.

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