The Bush Corner TV Stand Makes A Perfect Fit

The final cost of purchasing any television is not what you pay for the unit when leaving the retail store, but after you have realized the essential ancillary products needed complete your home entertainment installation. You have to figure out the “where”, and then approach the installation project with that in mind. Pretty much every room in the home today includes some sort of television. Rooms that are a little tight on open floor real estate will always profit from using a Bush Corner TV Stand.

Bush are the makers of the largest selection of corner television stands in the industry, and will have one to fit your decor, size constraints, and budget. For those on a modest budget but still would like some style and decorative value the Bush Weston corner TV stand will be a match made in flat panel heaven. It is a dark muted stand that is not only utilitarian in nature, but abounds with a style of it’s own. Incorporating ample storage for movies, games, and accessories, it also excels in the way you Blue Ray, Tivo, and game console is stored on shelving below the TV, but with the added accent of wood trimmed glass cabinet door.

For a more traditional look then the Bush Savannah Corner TV stand with optional hutch, and audio tower may be the solution to your square footage challenge in the finished basement or converted bedroom that now serves as the home theater. The brown antique-ish stained wood and double door display cabinetry is so neutral that you not have any trouble at all blending this piece in with the rest of your furniture collection. It will handle up to a one hundred pound flat screen TV with no problems at all. For the value of the stand, the price of three hundred dollars certainly makes it a great buy.

For more a 80s style retro look the bush furniture visions corner TV stand black silver edition will remind you of those home stereo audio racks that where so popular some twenty plus years ago. The one-piece hinged glass front covers all audio-video equipment but is visible so all remotes will still work while the door is in the closed position. This is definitely for the budget minded as the price point falls just a bit over one hundred dollars at most super discount web sites, and retailer. Assembly is required, and will take about an hour for set up. Remember that most corner stands will slightly limit the size of your screen’s landscape area due to the constraints of the walls coming to a point. Usually the size best suited for best fitment will be between thirty-two and forty-three inches, otherwise the screen may touch the walls.

Bush corner TV stands even accommodate the older technology or conventional tube type televisions, Most Bush stands will offer the maximum measurements for either style of TV, and usually the large CRT type unit will max out in the area of thirty four to the thirty six inches with a load capacity of two hundred and forty pounds.

When assembling your unit, take extra care and use the tools that are normally supplied in the parts pouch that comes included. Using rechargeable drills with screwdriver, or hex head bits is a great time saver, but the laminate wood surface and MDF subsurface may not handle the added torque of the power tool.

Not all furniture makes include them in their ready to assemble kits, but if while putting together your new corner stand, an accident may occur and reveal scuff or scratch marks. A simple trick home stagers and furniture stores use is to find a magic marker close to the color of the laminate and fill in the damaged area. It will look like new from a couple of feet away.

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