The Conical Burr Grinder Your Small Coffee Machine

If there is just one thing that can make or break your ability to brew consistently great coffee it has to be your choice of grinder. People that know the ins and outs of brewing great coffee at home understand that there is no substitute for a proper grind. While many people rely on their local supermarket or coffee shop for ground coffee, the fact is that they are doing themselves a disservice by purchasing pre-ground coffee. Ground coffee loses much of its flavor and aroma shortly after being ground, so buying pre-ground coffee just doesn’t make sense. The road to coffee greatness starts with the conical burr grinder. As you will learn in the following article, there really is no substitute for a burr grinder due to its ability to produce a uniform and consistent grind.

When it comes to making drip coffee in your small coffee machine there are three things that must be considered carefully: the freshness of the beans, the temperature of the brewing water and the grind quality. While controlling the freshness of your beans can be somewhat difficult, controlling the consistency of your grind is very achievable if you use a conical burr grinder. Some of you reading this article might be thinking, “What’s wrong with using the standard blade grinder?” The answer is that everything is wrong with it. A blade or “whirly bird” grinder pulverizes the beans with its blades, creating a bunch of small particles that encourage over-extraction in the brewing process. For those that don’t know, over-extraction equals bitterness, which is not something that anyone desires. Unlike a blade grinder, a burr grinder uses an entirely different mechanism to produce a grind that is consistent through and through. A burr grinder can also be adjusted to produce a course grind, fine grind or anything in between.

You should expect to pay about $75.00 for an entry level burr grinder. While this may seem like a lot of money, the potential improvement to your coffee can be huge. Check out the Solis Maestro line of grinders for a good quality, affordable grinder. Good small coffee makers deserve a quality grinder, so be sure to purchase a conical burr grinder for the ultimate coffee experience.

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