The Different Types of Awnings That Add Style


Various awnings have already become more and more visible throughout a lot of homes across the country these days. Probably the most common reason is that they, in some way or another, help provide a new stylish look to a home exterior notwithstanding the fact that they can also help provide an extended living space at the house outdoor which can be used for relaxation and other family activities. With that being said, there are a lot of awning types that have been sprouting like mushrooms all over a lot of neighborhood. Some awnings have colorful canvasses that can liven up a house exterior. If you are contemplating on acquiring one for your house then this article might be a bit of help as it tackles the different awning types that are available in major hardware stores and home outlets. Their prices can vary depending on their dimensions, configurations, frames, and the materials used.

Types of Awnings

Porch Awnings – These awnings are interesting because of their history of changing in structure. The porch awning used to be a simple design that dates back a few hundred years. It was just a cloth with a few poles to hold it up to provide shade for picnics and other outdoor events. These days, it has turned into a structure that is much easier to use and with added versatility. These awnings have been known to add style to a wide range of house facades.

Porch Awning

Retractable Awnings – This type of awning is now rapidly becoming a common place because of its flexibility and adaptive nature. This type is the one with a retracting mechanism that can be controlled manually or electrically. Retractable awnings of the manual type can be extended and retracted through the turning of a winch or lever. The electric or motorized type can just be operated with a simple touch of a button or, in high end models, through remote operation.

Patio Awnings – These are available in different styles and sizes, prices. The most used style for patio awning is stripes about an inch thick running vertically downwards, or a solid color. A seller of these, such as Target, will usually have about seven different designs available. Target has black, beige, green-striped, gray, yellow, and red-striped. The cost at Target is 599 dollars, which compared to Amazon’s prices this is a good deal, as it is about 100 dollars less.

Caravan awnings – They are pretty similar to a porch awning or the patio awning only that this one is usually of the portable type. They are mostly used for increasing the living space of a caravan or a camper. Most campers or caravans already have built-in awnings in them. However, if you want a bigger living space, caravan porch awnings are usually be the best bet. They are perfect for setting up a dining area or a living area outside the camper which you can utilize for a more wholesome camping experience.

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