The Different Varieties of Green Orchids

Although there are literally thousands upon thousands of Orchid species in the world and many more hybrid species green orchids are relatively rare. It is this rarity that no doubt makes them popular with Orchid growers. The specific shade of green these Orchids display range from an almost yellow lime green to a vibrant full green colour.

The Platanthera genus or Orchids is a rare variety of Orchids found in certain areas of North America and Europe. One particularly rare breed of Platanthera Orchids is Platanthera Hyperborean, which is now condidered an endangered species.

(Lake) Huron Green Orchid is a beautiful Orchid native to the Northeast of the United States and some areas in Canada also. These particular Orchids display a tall vertical spike from where the green Orchids will grow.

Regularly used in bouquets at wedding Cymbidium Orchids are more common the Platanthera Orchids. Naturally found in the East Asian countries of Japan and China Cymbidium Orchids have a fair amount of hybrid species. If green Orchids are your thing then this is definitely a fine Orchid for the beginner as well as being more readily available Cymbidium Orchids are hardier than other varieties of green Orchid.

The Cymbidium Sweet Dreams is an Orchid with light green flowers and slightly darker green leaves. With petals featuring a hint of red and white tips the Cymbidium Loch Lomond is another fine choice when it comes to green Orchids.

A type of Slipper Orchid, Paphiopedilum, can be found in parts of China as well as Vietnam. This particular family of Orchids has numerous green Orchid varieties.

  • Yellowy green blooms with brown spots and a white lip make the Paphiopedilum Insigne a rather distinctive Orchid.
  • A very dark green with a rich deep maroon colour at the tips of the petals defines the Paphiopedilum Anhinga Orchid.
  • Paphiopedilum Glaucophyllum is an endangered species unique to the Indonesian island of Java and can be distinguished by its pink cup with white central petals with brown spots.
  • A favourite of beginners thanks to its ability to be grown in standard temperatures and low lighting the Paphiopedilum Maudiae has wonderfully coloured petals of white and green shades.
  • Paphiopedilum Fairrieanum found from the Eastern Himalaya to the Northeast state of Assam in India has the most beautifully patterned blooms displaying white, green and purple upon its petals.
  • Aeranthes Grandiose a hybrid of Aeranthes Ramose (Shooting Stars) and Aeranthes Grandiflora is a fragrance less award winning Orchid which has large blooms in the shape of stars.
  • With stems that can grow to around 3 feet the Dendrobium ‘Burana Jade’ Orchid is a hybrid which first begun life in Thailand. A wonderful shade of green that will add an elegance to any Orchid collection.
  • The in demand colour of the pale yellow/green blooms of the Phalaenopsis Yellow Treasure, a hybrid originating from Australia and Asia, make this beautiful Orchid rather difficult to acquire.
  • The Jade Slipper Orchid or Paphiopedilum Malipoense, found growing at elevation on limestone cliffs of Northern Vietnam and South China, is an almost completely green Orchid apart from some red veins in its petals.

Each and every green Orchid will offer something different to your Orchid collection. Even within the scope of green Orchids there are still numerous Orchids to choose from as each species differs subtly but wonderfully from the next. Many of the species contain an accompanying highlight colour to the green petal of the flower, whilst there are some true green Orchids offering you a choice not only in the shade of the blooms but also the hue of the leaves.

Whichever green Orchid you do decide upon it will invariably add an understated elegance to your collection and provides a beautiful accompaniment to more ‘showy’ Orchids you may own.

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