The Importance Of Regular Tree Trimming

We all know that a beautiful front lawn or backyard landscape is incomplete without at least one tree, preferably more, that not only provides an aesthetic quality, but also some much needed shade. New homeowners often underestimate what it takes to maintain large to medium-sized trees, letting them take hold of the yard and ultimately causing problems down the road. While an untrimmed tree can look unsightly, which should be reason enough to perform periodic tree trimming, there are also greater issues to consider if you’re a homeowner that has ignored the notion of proper tree maintenance.

Trees have been known to cause significant amounts of damage when thrashed around by storms and strong winds. Those that have grown much too large are the most susceptible to causing damage, since their branches can easily snap, landing on a car, or worse, injuring a person. If you live in an area that is prone to erratic weather, especially the type that is known to cause an uptick in wind activities, you should get in touch with a qualified arborist immediately and adhere to a routine tree trimming schedule, so that you don’t risk the damage that can result from overgrown or unmaintained trees.

Arborists can quickly identify problem areas and make quick work of them using specialized tools like cranes and wood chippers. Even if your area was recently hit by a storm, yet you notice little to no damage to the trees on your property, you are still highly encouraged to consult with an arborist. The structural integrity of some of the branches may have been severely compromised during the storm, leaving them susceptible to breaking off at any given moment or making it more likely that when the next storm arrives there will be trouble. These limbs can fall on power lines and other nearby objects – leaving you potentially liable, and possibly causing significant damage and injury.

Tree trimming services can cost from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars or more, depending on how elaborate of a job you need performed. If a tree is identified as unsafe and needs to be completely cut down, you’ll then have to cover the complete tree removal cost, which tends to be much steeper than simply cutting off a few branches, especially when the contractor is expected to remove the roots and the stump. But, if you periodically have tree trimming performed, the job usually is much smaller, and therefore the tree trimming costs are as well.
Whatever you decide needs to be done, be sure to carefully shop around for a tree removal contractor or arborist before going forth with the work. Get quotes from as many providers as possible, and settle for the provider that’s between both pricing extremes (that’s usually your best bet).

Although some homeowners may feel confident enough to tackle tree trimming and tree removal on their own, experts agree that there is some substantial danger involved in cutting down large tree limbs or whole trees, and it is worth the expense of hiring a professional in order to remain safe. For one, tree limbs can be quite unpredictable when sawed away and allowed to fall. Although it may appear that a limb will fall towards an empty section of your yard, it may very well fall into your neighbor’s pool or on your fence. Some limbs are also positioned at an especially awkward angle and height, which means you might risk falling off a ladder in trying to cut them down.

By keeping your trees regularly trimmed, and therefore healthy and not overgrown, you decrease the chance that you will have to deal with expensive tree removal costs during the next storm because one of your trees comes down. When you see that a tree has been compromised in any way, whether just one large limb or several, it is important to promptly contact an arborist, tree trimming specialist or tree removal contractor and take care of the tree before it turns into a potentially large and dangerous problem.

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