The Lawn Roller: What and Why

A lawn roller is made to even out and flatten grass to lay new grass seeds or sod. It is vital to invest in a quality garden lawn roller that will give you a uniform garden that looks even and beautiful if you want a lawn that looks professionally maintained. Lawn rollers also come in handy if you’ve had to get rid of moles in yard and are left with uneven areas around your lawn.

You will come across several different types of applications when you are comparing lawn rollers in the market. When you are making your purchase, the dimensions of the lawn you are tending and how you will be using the tool will take you in the right direction. Research the different types of garden lawn rollers that are available and purchase one suitable for your needs.

Most rollers are similar in appearance and function. Each roller will have a hollow cylinder used for flattening everything in its path. This cylinder can be made from steel, concrete, or polyethylene. The steel lawn roller is the most common type of construction used for small personal units. You will find that cylinders will have diameters of different size depending on the size of the lawns you are tending. Larger applications will measure up to 24 inches while smaller applications will measure 18 inches. The area covered will depend on the diameter of the cylinder. Smaller personal lawns may need only a small unit.

You will need to determine whether you want a pull model or a manual roller once you have found the right size. Pull rollers are generally needed for large areas and can be attached to a tractor or a vehicle. While manual models are much cheaper, they are not good enough for huge areas of grass. Compare features and pricing and choose the right lawn roller for your needs. It has never been so easy to find the right roller at the right price with several models available online.

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