The Magic Of Indoor and Outdoor Garden Lights

Yellow garden light in darknessAlright then. Let’s talk about garden lights . . .You’ve spent hours laboring in your garden – digging up the earth here, adding a bit of bedding there. You’ve got your decorative shrubs, your spring bulbs, your perennials here and your annuals there and . . .It all disappears when the light goes down!

Every serious gardener knows the drill. In daylight, your garden is like a slice of Heaven. Cars down when they pass so people can ogle the beauty. Your neighbors rearrange their after dinner walks so they can check out the status of the daffodils and the daisies. And then you lose it until the sun decides to shine again.

Well consider that a burden that you don’t have to carry any longer. Garden lights can make a huge difference in your pleasure and enjoyment – and they’ve got some hidden benefits as well.

Antique garden light with flowerFirst off, the right choice of garden lights can set off your garden at any hour of the night. No more staring into a blank field with a few barely recognizable shapes. No, you can see everything that’s growing out there.

But on top of that, a good garden light strategy and implementation not only makes the lovely fruits of all your efforts visible, it can also enhance that loveliness!

That’s right – a blend of low garden lighting or colored bulbs say – can show off your pansies and hyacinths in, well, just the right way. Think of it as ambiance. You wouldn’t throw a romantic dinner for two in a room with nothing but 100 watt bare bulbs glaring directly overhead. You’d light a few candles, maybe set the dimmer on the lowest wattage.

A garden is no different. This is a place of beauty and taste and elegance. A garden lighting system that recognizes this will only serve to make all the more beautiful. Strolling through your garden – or pulling up a chair after the sun has set and the stars are twinkling overhead – can be the functional equivalent of a romantic getaway.

Indeed, bathed in the right combination of hues and illumination, your garden will actually seem new to you. It’s the night garden – and all you have to do to see it is figure out a few basic details about lighting – what to buy, where to put it, how to use it.

Light bulbs for garden

This isn’t rocket science, either. If you can make your garden grown, you can make it glow as if you’re just this side of Heaven!

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