The Most Expensive Robotic Pool Cleaners

When you think of things you’d like to spend a lot of money on, automatic pool cleaners rarely spring to the top of the list. More likely, a fancy car or expensive TV float to the top of your wish list. But what you get in terms of time and effort saved when you invest in a quality pool cleaning robot definitely makes this one purchase you might want to give more thought to.

While all pool cleaners essentially perform the same function, they are by no means all created equal. Lower-end models often do a less-than-stellar job and they do so in multiples of hours. In addition, they require considerably more effort and equipment (in terms of hoses to attach to your pool’s filtration system) than their more expensive cousins.

Some of the most costly robotic pool cleaners available are manufactured by Aquabot pool products. Ranging anywhere from $350 to $1900USD, Aquabot’s robotic pool cleaners can fit just about any budget. But it’s their Turbo series pool cleaners that really deliver the swimming pool goods.

The Turbo 4 automatic pool cleaner is fully integrated. That means no hoses and no dependence on pool’s filtration system. This marvel of modern pool cleaning technology promises to clean any 50′ pool in an hour or less. And, though fully automatic, this little robot even features remote control should you want to go back and hit any trouble spots.

While you could certainly spend less on automatic pool cleaners, the reputation and quality Aquabot brings to the game definitely makes their products worth considering. While the highest end Trubo 4 model will cost you a pretty penny, its feature-rich functionality and excellent performance record mean that, if you have the means, you should put this on your wish list, right next to the Porsche you want to buy.

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